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  • Net insured salary varying from 48% to 63% on your billing excluding taxes

  • 100% of wages paid on the 30th of the month regardless of customer settlement

  • 100% of mission costs covered,

  • 100% Digital, you have access to your intranet to manage your expense reports, contract, invoice, pay slip and your dashboard

  • No administrative process

  • No business creation process

  • No accounting to keep

  • No social declaration to be made

  • No VAT declaration to calculate

  • No RC Pro insurance to take out

  • No risk of personal bankruptcy

  • No hidden costs and no bad surprises

  • Preservation of ASSEDIC rights

  • Financial Guarantee of Wages

  • Pensions and mutual health premium family subscribed

  • Company Savings Plan offered to employees

  • CESU checks, Gifts and Culture, etc.

Focus on your job

Get started, we take care of the rest

EP-Portage takes care of all the management for you.


So you can optimize your working time and prioritize what is important:


  • Prospecting new customers, monitoring their market

  • Carry out its missions, improve the quality of the services provided

  • Ensure customer relations, retain customers

  • Perfect your expertise, train yourself

  • Do not waste time on administrative and accounting tasks

  • And so take advantage of your leisure time for friends and family

Benefit from a secure environment

Be in a secure environment

EP-Portage guarantees you a secure environment to exercise your consultancy activity, with confidence and serenity.


  • Carrying agreement, signed with each of its members, stipulating the commitments made (management fees, payment of salaries, etc.)

  • RCP Insurance (Professional Civil Liability)

  • Wage Guarantee (AGS)

  • Financial Guarantee in addition to the Guarantee of Wages Insurance (AGS) to guarantee consultants the payment of salaries in the event of default.

Benefit from the protection of employees

All the advantages of conventional wage

Work in wage portage allows you to exercise your advisory missions in complete independence, while benefiting from the advantages provided by being an employee of the portage company, in particular full social cover and continuing professional training:

  • Social security, executive retirement

  • Paid vacation

  • Supplementary pension plan quality framework

  • FAMILY Complementary Health Insurance

  • Unemployment insurance contribution

  • Professional training

You are guaranteed to receive 100% of the salary on the last day of the first month regardless of customer regulations.

You continue to contribute to Pôle emploi and therefore to create rights to claim unemployment insurance if necessary.

Limit legal and financial risks

Work serenely

Creating your consultancy activity without creating a legal structure thanks to portage means not taking any risk on your personal wealth, or legal and financial risks linked to the creation of an independent activity:


  • Collection of invoices organized by the portage company

  • No share capital to set up

  • No professional insurance to take out (you are covered by the professional liability of the portage company)

  • Revenues entirely comparable to what a structure registered with the RC (Commercial Register) can generate

  • Net salary, all social security contributions deducted

  • Immediate salary, without waiting for the client's payment

  • Reimbursement of professional expenses (expense reports)

  • Tax exemption of part of the income in PEE (Plan d'Epargne Entreprise)

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